Nettleton Baptist’s Life Groups are about community. They’re environments for you to grow in your walk with Christ, to build relationships with others, to be cared for, and to use your spiritual gifts.

We desire for everyone to be loved and valued, so they will be challenged and changed. These groups allow us to accomplish this and do life together and grow in our faith.

A Word from Pastor Brad

I’m so glad you’re considering this next step of joining a Life Group. As a church that is “All About Jesus,” we strive to find ways to practice the way Jesus lived His life, so we may be more like Him. 

The Gospels show us that Jesus didn’t live life alone. He had disciples that He taught, friends He ate meals with, and encountered major life events with other individuals. He displayed to us that we cannot simply live life on our own. 

My goal is to help find the best group for you. The friends you will meet may walk with you through some of the biggest life changes you face. Above all, these groups help us understand better the love and grace of Jesus. Let’s find you a group!

SUNDAYS | 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00AM

If you’ve been following Jesus for 10 years, or are just starting to learn more about Him, this is a place where you can grow in your faith with friends of your own age group. This is a very casual and relaxed environment, usually with a cup of coffee!

WEDNESDAYS | 6:30 - 7:30PM

It’s often challenging to know how to apply God’s Word in our lives in practical ways throughout the week. These groups gather together and go over various questions to dig deeper into God’s Word from Sunday morning, studying it with open hearts and minds alongside friends in the church.


Life is full of adventures and challenges. We want to walk with you by offering various classes related to some of these moments you may encounter. Classes will be about parenting, financing, technology, and other hot topics in life that you may want to learn more about.


  • Gatherings typically have 10-20 people
  • Similar stages of life or common interests
  • Some groups meet at church, in homes, others meet in local community areas
  • Sermon recaps & Bible reading plans
  • Encourage and pray for each other

What if I TRY ONE and it's not for me?

There is nothing wrong with trying more than one group! We ask that you attend a group for three weeks to get to know everyone. After that, you can choose to try another group that may be a better fit! We will help you find the best group for you.

Ready to find your community?

RightNow Media

Many of our Life Groups use RightNow Media for their curriculum during the week. We want to bring the curriculum to you. Now you can download the audio to your phone, watch it on your TV with your family, or use the study guides to use in your own Life Group. All for free.