We will engage people with the Gospel through music.

We will create and release the heart-songs of our people.

We will reach our community with the message of Jesus.

Worship at Nettleton is All About Jesus.  This means you will see expressive, exciting, and authentic people worshiping during our main services on Sunday mornings. Whether you have been to a church a thousand times or it's your first time stepping in our door, our desire is for your heart to connect with God's heart. We want to help you connect with God in several ways: singing new songs while using hymns of old to draw us deeper, varying our styles of music and singers to not stay stagnant, and creatively expressing the gospel through testimony and song.  At Nettleton, you will participate in singing deep hymns of old and fresh songs that have never been sung before.  This is a place where preferences are left at home all for the sake of the gospel -- we want people to hear the good news instead of our preferences.

Dozens of volunteers serve and help our worship ministry.  If you would like to see how you could serve in either the Worship Team, Worship Choir, or Tech Team, please check out our commitment form below.


Cody Van Scyoc

Worship Pastor

Katelyn Ratley

Worship Intern

Worship Team Application Form

Nettleton Baptist Church is All About Jesus. Therefore the Worship ministry will help people connect with Jesus through music and worship. All worship, tech, and praise members will need to commit to the team and vision.